Getting to Know The Beagle Dog Breed

Are you searching for a cute puppy for your family, one that can perfectly fit in your small apartment? If yes, then a Beagle is what you need in your life! But before you think about purchasing one of these adorable furry companions, we’ve prepared a handy guide for you.

Where Do Beagles Come From?

These pups are tiny and are just way too perfect for anyone who wants a family pup. These furry companions are way too easy to have around. Besides, their chill temperament helps them get along well with almost everyone.

A Beagle standing in the sunlight

These tiny pooches have been around since the 1500s. English hunters would often use these types of pups to track rabbits, hares, pheasants, quail, and other small animals. 

To create the Beagle, breeders crossed the Harrier and other types of English hounds. Since then, Beagles have grown in popularity in the United States. 

Initially, the name “Beagle” is thought to have originated from the French term “be’geule,” which means “gape throat” and refers to the dog’s baying voice. Additionally, the name also comes from the French word “beigh,” the Old English word “begele,” or maybe the Celtic word “beag,” all of which translate to “little.”

The AKC recognized this pup for the first time in 1885. Beagles are amazing narcotics detection dogs (they have the nose of a hound) and are great family pets. 

Quick Facts About The Beagle

Life expectancy 14 years
Size Small to Medium
Height Male: 14–16 inches
Female: 13-15 inches
WeightMale: 22-25 lbs
Female: 20-23 lbs
Energy level High
Grooming LevelLow Maintenance

Beagle’s Appearance

These little dogs have a classic hound-like look about them, with long ears, a proud head, and a long tail carried proudly. You will mostly find them running here and there doing their own business.

A tricolor Beagle lying sheets

Their tiny size makes it perfect for anyone who wants a babyfur for their family. They have these big brown puppy eyes, which everyone will fall for. And that is why they have been ranked as the 7th most popular dog breed by the AKC.

You can easily identify Beagles by the breed’s hound-shaped ears. Besides, they have a square-shaped nose with a strong sense of smell, a powerful jaw, short hair, and a multicolored coat. Also, their bodies are muscular and compact. 

Height And Weight Of A Beagle

As we already know, they are short dogs. Usually, a male Beagle can reach a height of 14-16 inches and weigh 22-25 pounds. At the same time, a female Beagle can reach a height of 13-15 inches and weigh 20-23 pounds. It seems if you’re looking for a lap dog, the Beagle is the pooch for you.

Colors And Coats Of A Beagle

We are sure you have already seen them trimmed fur. The miniature length of the breed’s hair makes Beagles the cutest snuggle buddies one can have. In terms of their fur coats, as we already know, they have short coats.

On top of that, they have a dense double coat, usually tri-colored, with tan, black, and white mixed in. These pooches have these unique colors, which you will fall in love with. If you are lucky enough to get a chance, you can find them in blue, white, and tan, pied, or speckled, among other hues.

Personality Traits Of Beagles

Beagles are way too friendly and loveable pets to have around your home. They have this cool mindset and will be your best companion till the end. Besides, they are happier around almost everyone and don’t care if they meet them for the first time.

Adorable domestic Beagle dogs touching noses in park

Child Friendly

The Beagle’s chill temperament is a plus point around little children. They love to get along with toddlers. However, your Beagle might get jealous of them because they don’t want to share the attention. 


As we discussed, Beagles have packed mentally, which made them great hunters. Breeders trained them to get along with other animals around them. Because of this, they are very down-to-earth dogs and have no problem being other pets, even if they are cats.

For First Time Owners

Beagles are adaptable dogs, having a curious, loving nature. If you have never owned any pet and it is your first time, then Beagles are more than ideal for you. Being their parent is a lot of fun since they are outgoing and playful, bringing a fresh breath of air to the household.

Apartment Friendly?

If you reside in an apartment and want a small dog, Beagles can be a great choice. These breeds can easily adapt to apartment life due to their small size and chill temperament.

Since they aren’t barking dogs, you don’t have to be afraid of waking up your next-door neighbors in the morning. On a side note, never leave your Beagle alone for a long time. If left alone in a house for an extended period, Beagles might become bored and become destructive. 


Being the hounds they are, Beagles tend to follow their noses. This instinct can get them into trouble at times, which is why some people consider them not to be the brightest of dogs. The Beagle’s lovely and friendly personality, mixed with its carefree attitude, may make you think he’s stupid, but he’s far from it.

Barking Restraint

These cute pups don’t bark or growl, but they have three vocalizations. Firstly, a bark/growl, secondly a baying howl, and thirdly a half-baying howls, a sort of cross between a frantic bark and a bay. 

Whenever this fury Beagle sees a prey or when it’s their breakfast time, and they want to wake up the adoring ones, they use the half-howl vocalization. They are the dogs that get along with everyone way too well and consider everyone their new best buddy.

Temperament And Instincts Of Beagles

Talking about temperaments, Beagles have a wonderful temperament in general. Thanks to their breeding, as they were bred to work in groups, they are way too calm all the time. Moreover, on the brighter side, they are incredibly friendly to both other dogs and humans.

We just can’t stop praising their outgoing nature, as they enjoy being around their owners. However, they are the pups that don’t like to be left alone, which is a drawback of their friendly nature. Because they are a fit and lively breed, they also demand a lot of exercise. 

High Prey/Hunting Drive

Beagles are one of the best hunting dog breeds. Breeders developed their hunting ability over decades to hunt gophers, rabbits, and other small game. They have a strong sense of smell and remain a popular small game hunting breed today.

How To Care For A Beagle

To have your dog in the best shape possible, you must care for his every need. Keep the below tips in mind when looking to become a Beagle’s parent.

A beagle being loved by his owner


Being teeny-tiny, Beagles don’t require much in the way of particular care, despite being active and lively dogs. Instead of grooming, their primary requirements are lots of exercises and a lot of your company. 

Beagles are tiny in stature and have neatly cut short coats. Fortunately, you won’t have to groom your pup very often unless you have left him to play in the filthy mud. Also, you can have them brushed twice a week to keep them tidy. Don’t forget to have their teeth brushed regularly and their nails clipped once a week.


These pups have a smooth and dense double coat that gets thicker throughout the winter, so spring is shedding season. Year-round, Beagles shed mildly. Brushing your dog once a week using a medium-bristle brush, a rubber grooming mitt or tool, or a hound glove removes loose hair and encourages new hair to grow.

Diet And Feeding

Who doesn’t take their food seriously? Everyone does, and Beagles do that too! Your Beagle will most likely take its food bowl very seriously regarding feeding time. So, never disturb your furry friend while they’re eating. 

A high-quality source of animal protein will be the first ingredient in the finest dog food for Beagles, followed by low-to-moderate amounts of healthy fats and digestible carbs. Supplements such as prebiotic fibers, probiotics, and chelated minerals are great additions.

Also, you can use treats as a source of reward. However, do monitor the calorie count to avoid your Beagle getting obese.

Activity And Exercise Requirements

If you’re willing to have a Beagle as your family pup, you must prepare yourself for different exercise schedules. Beagles are highly energetic and active dogs. They strive to be active all the time, going from here to there.

You must arrange a proper exercise or activity session for them for at least an hour per day. As they belong to the hounds’ pack, they are bred to be energetic and may often become destructive if left alone and unexercised.

How To Train A Beagle

Often many Beagle keepers have revealed that Beagles might be extremely tough to train at times. Also, some of the owners claimed that fully housetraining some Beagles might take up to a year. It has been found that till this time, crate training is effective. 

A beagle running on the floor

Beagles are the breed that can be independent and headstrong, despite their loving and kind nature. To give them a family nature, it’s a good idea to start obedience training. However, make sure you know about the Beagle’s hound personality and temperament and use food as a reward.

Health Problems Of A Beagle

Beagles are the healthiest breed of all. However, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t prone to certain conditions. Some diseases may include patellar luxation, chondrodysplasia, glaucoma, hypothyroidism, distichiasis, central progressive retinal atrophy (CPRA), epilepsy, cherry eye, and keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS).

Apart from these, they may also have obesity because of their small size and drive to eat a lot. Fortunately, all of these diseases can be treated while contacting your local veterinarian. 

Daily Routine For A Happy Beagle

To have your Beagle pup the happiest, you can follow the below routine.

  • Potty time at 7 o’clock
  • Breakfast at 8 o’clock
  • Walk for 45 minutes
  • Potty time at 12 o’clock
  • Lunch at 2 o’clock
  • Activities at 3 o’clock
  • Potty time at 4 o’clock
  • Snacks at 5 o’clock
  • Potty time at 6 o’clock
  • Dinner at 7 o’clock

Is It The Right Dog For You?

If you’re looking for a great family pet, then Beagles can be the best friend you have been looking for. These puppies could make wonderful family companions. You would just be so happy with them and feel the positive vibe when they are around you. 

Besides, if you or your family members spend most of the time at home, you’ll have an extremely happy puppy on your hands. So, if you are thinking of buying or adopting them, be prepared to have them regularly exercised.

Should You Buy Or Adopt A Dog

A Beagle may cost you about $500, and some reach as high as $6000 if they come from a great bloodline. Whether you adopt or buy, always check whether the parents are certified and free of any kind of disease. Also, make sure the breeder is authentic and has no mix-ups.

Make sure you purchase a Beagle from a breeder with all the necessary healthy breed certificates. Also, if you buy a Beagle, you will have the advantage of having spayed, neutered and chipped pups. Whereas a rescued one might not have these qualities, you may have to do it on your own.

FAQs About Beagle

Beagles make wonderful family pets and are a perfect addition for many households because they are low maintenance, friendly and independent. Also, they can be accommodated well anywhere because of their small size.

Beagles are naturally tolerant and accepting, and if properly socialized from an early age, they will integrate seamlessly into any home with toddlers. However, they may have high energy at times, so always monitor your Beagle with toddlers.

Training a Beagle may seem a little difficult at first. Since the breed is a type of hound, they have a very high sense of smell. Because of their keen sense of smell, Beagles can be quickly distracted by odors in their environment, making training more difficult. 

Beagles are often friendly with other animals because they were bred to hunt in packs. They are loyal companions who look at cats as just another member of the family – another sibling to play with!

A Beagle can assist persons who suffer from anxiety and depression as an emotional support dog. That’s because they’re loyal and will never abandon their owner, especially in their time of need.

Beagles aren’t ideal guard dogs, as they don’t have a strong protective instinct. The disposition of a Beagle is better suited to a watchdog role. Both of the terms may sound the same but have different meanings. A Beagle will simply bark and howl when something strange happens but won’t be ready to stand between you and any intruder.

Dog Facts And Figures Summary


  • Well-muscled
  • Doomed skull
  • Squarish muzzle
  • Long floppy ears
  • Deep chest

How to care

  • Brush them twice a week
  • Regular toothbrush
  • Once a week nail clipping

Health Problems

  • Patellar luxation
  • Chondrodysplasia
  • Glaucoma 
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Distichiasis
  • Central progressive retinal atrophy (CPRA) 
  • Epilepsy  
  • Cherry eye
  • Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS)
  • Obesity 


  • Happy dogs
  • Highly energetic
  • Gets along everyone
  • Even-tempered
  • Affectionate 

Personality traits

  • Child friendly
  • Gentle
  • Loyal dogs
  • Attention seekers 
  • Unwise dogs
  • Strong smelling sense

How to train

  • Obedience training
  • Care training
  • Food reward enforcement

Daily Routine

  • Potty, breakfast and 45 minutes walk in the morning
  • Potty again
  • Lunch, activities, and potty during the afternoon.
  • Again potty and snacks in the late afternoon.
  • Potty and dinner in the evening.