I have been a dog lover since I was a kid, and now in my late forties I have had the great joy of having first a yellow lab and now a Rhodesian Ridgeback be part of my life.

As you move through life, so does the way you look at yourself and those around you. Girlfriends have come and gone and the kids I once wondered if I would ever have suddenly came into my life. I have moved, changed jobs and have had ups and downs. Through most of it, 23 years to be exact, I have had the company of first one, then another happy dog.

The one constant through all those years, and likely the next twenty-thirty years to come is that I’ve shared them with a loyal, loving, playful fury friend.

You should to! Br, Marius

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About Edison Yellow Labrador 14yrs
Edison basking in the sun at 14 yrs old. Possibly contemplating diving in as the avid swimmer he was.