13 Major Stores Dog Policies (2023 Update)

Animal lovers tend to think that their pets are the most behaved of all others. Dog owners, more specifically, might not like it that there are places their pets won’t be allowed into the gate. However, we’ll need to understand that there are dog policies set aside that concern dogs and need to be followed.

In most stores’ policies, you’ll find the terms Service dogs and Emotional Support/Therapy dogs. What is the difference between these two? Service dogs are special dogs trained to complement their handlers’ disabilities by helping them with easy tasks. On the other hand, emotional support/therapy dogs are trained to offer emotional support to others, often other than their handler(s)

Are you going shopping and want to know if dogs are allowed to bring with you? This list gives an easy answer for which major retailer does allow dogs and which does not allow dogs.


Walmart does not allow dogs into their centres unless they are service dogs. Walmart’s dog policy states that it is only service dogs that help people with disabilities that can be allowed in their stores.

For clarity, dog owners will be prompted to provide their dog’s credentials when accessing Walmart’s premises.


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Are you going shopping and want to know if dogs are allowed in Costco? Costco is considered a pet-friendly organization as it complies with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). Their dog policies allows dogs, but only if they are service dogs. Moreover, emotional support animals and pets are not allowed.

Home Depot

Home Depot happily welcomes your dog to their premises. Here you will find wide aisles that have ample space to walk your leashed dogs. That is the only restriction attached to bringing a dog to Home Depot; it must be leashed.


Are you going shopping and want to know if dogs are allowed in Target? Well, Target is not a ‘pet-friendly store. Target has a ‘no pets’ policy, however service animals are allowed in their stores. Any dog that does not meet the ADA policy classification cannot access any store within Target.


Are you planning to visit IKEA and wonder if dogs are allowed in IKEA? IKEA’s policy does allow dogs into their premises, but only if they’re classified as service animals. However, any emotional support animal is not allowed into IKEA.


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Are you probably looking for a snack and wondering if dogs are allowed in McDonald’s? McDonald’s has a pet-friendly policy, which only allows service dogs into their premises. However, other pets and dogs can be brought to the McDonalds, but only to the outdoor venues. 

Best Buy

Best Buy’s dog policy is delocalized to individual Best Buy branches. However, the overall policy completely lets in the dogs classified as service animals. However, if your dog is not a service dog and is leashed and well-behaved, then Best Buy store managers can let you and your pet in.


Are you going shopping and need to know if dogs are allowed in Lowe’s? Lowe’s dog’s policy allows only service dogs into their premises. However, you need to take note that some stores still allow dogs within their premises, at the store manager’s discretion.

Barnes and Nobles

Do you need to visit the Barnes and Nobles and wonder if dogs are allowed? Their policy out-rightly allows service dogs within their premises. However, when it comes to individual stores or branches, your pet dog might get in, at the management’s word.


Just like almost any other pet store out there, Petco happily welcomes your dog into its premises. However, it has to be leashed to prevent causing disruptions among other pets and customers. There are treats at the register if your dog needs one.

The Apple Store

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The Apple Store is always happy to welcome dogs to their premises. However, their dog policy states that the dog must be a service dog or leashed. However, some Apple Stores may be located in malls where dogs are not allowed. Kindly double-check before going.


CVS stores are pet-friendly and will allow most pets and dogs at their pharmacy locations. However, they lack a consistent dog policy, and therefore it would be best to inquire from your local CVS branch for clarity on the issue.


Visiting Walgreens and wondering if dogs are allowed? Well, Walgreens is not that pet friendly. They only allow service dogs, which have to be leashed and well-behaved. However, the sole decision rests on the specific branch managers, so be sure to consult before walking your dog in.


Most major stores have dog policies that allow service dogs to access their premises. However, some do not allow any dogs at all. Others will allow non-service dogs, but only if they are leashed and well-behaved. If you are not sure whether your dog will be welcomed in a particular store, it will be better if you first call to inquire. Again, some pet-friendly stores are located in malls that do not allow dogs, so kindly watch out for the same before visiting.